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When you have finished see the Answer Key suggestions to compare your ideas with.

2. As a group of three or four discuss the following questions. Use the Useful Language phrases to express your view and justify your opinion.

1. What is a ″Fair Tax″? (See the Answer Key for the answer if needed).

2. Do you believe that there is a tax to be considered a fair one?

3. What might be the effects of implementing such a tax?

Would it simplify our current tax system? (See the Answer Key to compare your ideas with).

4. What are the costs of transition to the Fair Tax? Will the Fair Tax system implementation, do you think, ever happen?
While You Watch

3. Watch the video ″Fair Tax?″ presenting the interview with Pat Regnier who is senior editor for Money magazine and complete the sentences below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the video.

1. The "Fair tax" is a _____________ tax based on consumption instead of income.

2. This tax is a ____________________on everything you buy.

3. The Fair tax _____________such taxes as: income, corporate, medicare, ATM, payroll, gift/estate, capital gains and social security ones.

4. All the utilities are paid at the __________________________.

5. The ″Fair tax″ advocates want to ________________ the IRS.

6. Changing tax system might have a ________________________________ on price of everything.

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