Мета: Навчити розуміти прислів’я, які пов’язані із здоров’ям. Навчити читати текст «Healthy Henry» з повним розумінням. Навчити обговорювати проблеми, коментувати почуте. Навчити бесідувати за питаннями

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Урок 4 Healthy Way of Life
Мета: Навчити розуміти прислів’я, які пов’язані із здоров’ям. Навчити читати текст «Healthy Henry» з повним розумінням. Навчити обговорювати проблеми, коментувати почуте. Навчити бесідувати за питаннями.

Розвивати вміння висловлювати власну точку зору, навички монологічного мовлення.

Виховувати повагу до здорового способу життя.

Обладнання: роздавальний матеріал, плакат із органами людини.

Хід уроку:

І. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення:


ІІ. Основна частина уроку:

1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку:

Today we are going to talk about taking care of your health, about illnesses, accidents, healthy way of life and eating unhealthy food.

Today you’ll learn to give advice to the people, who are in trouble with their health, you’ll learn to express your opinion on the problem of healthy and unhealthy food.

I.Warming –up

Let’s revise some English proverbs about heath:

Скринька: A sound mind in a sound body.

After dinner sit a while after supper walk a mile.

An apple a day keeps a doctor away.

Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise

Good health is above wealth

Live not to eat but eat to live.

Laughter is the best medicine.

2. Розподіл на пари за допомогою прислів’я.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

3. Виконання завдань на картках по парах.
ІІ.Іmprowing speaking skills.

We should think about our health before we get ill,we should take care of our health from the early age. What should we do to be healthy?

P1 We should take regular exercises.

P2 clean teeth every morning.

P3 wash hands and with soap before eating.

P4 take vitamins in winter and springs.

P5 eat healthy food.

P6 shouldn’t smoke/

P7 shouldn’t drink alcohol.

P8 eat more fruits and vegetables.

T: Right you are. Not far from our school we have ambulatory clinic.Have youever been to our ambulatory clinic?




T: When do people usually go to the clinic?

P1 people go to the clinic to consult the doctor when they are ill or for prophylaxis.

T: Right. What specialists do people consult?

A pediatrician

A dentist

An oculist

A surgeon

A therapeutist

An ear, nose and throat specialist

Т: When do we consult a pediatrician?

When children are ill.

T: When we are ill, the doctor usually prescribes us different medicines and remedies. What medicines and remedies do you know?

Cups- банки, drops, pills, powder, tablets, hot water bottle, mustard plaster, mixture, bandage, injection, tea, lemon, garlic, onion, raspberry jam.

T: Now we’ll start our reality show < Be healthy>. We’ll discuss how bad habits and wrong life styles influence our body.

Meet our guests

Lady Lungs. You are welcome.

Mr. Stomach. Good day.

Mr. Liver. You are welcome.

Mr.Brain. How are you?

The Doctor. Thank you for your coming.

They tell you about bad experiments of their owners, their bad habits.
Lady Lungs. We are almosr choking, we are coughing. He goes on smoking these dreadful cigarettes. We ask him stop smoking. Otherwise, we’ll just die.
Mr. Liver. My owner is not better. He treats me badly. He uses a lot of alcohol. I suffer.I have a bad pain. I feel worse and worse. Please, I beg you, stop killihg me, stop killing me.

Mr. Stomach. My owner is a business lady. She has too little time to have a normal meal. I can’t digest the food she swallows. I suffer too.

Mr. Brain. I look like an old man. But I am young. My owner is only 14 but he takes drugs. It makes me stupid. Sometimes he want to use me, but without a result. I can’t.

The Doctor. There are many people who care only about their career and money. They are always in a hurry. Smoking and drugs ruin their life. I advise you go in for sports, stop bad habits. And you’ll be healthy.

Учні тримають плакати No alcohol. No drugs. Sport in our life. Choose your own life.
Where are you on this line?


Діти виходять до дошки і висловлюють власну думку
P1. I am for pro because I eat fruit and vegetables.

P2 I am for pro because I do morning exercises.

P3 I am for pro because I don’t smoking.

P4 I am for pro because I go in for sports.

P5 I am for pro because I walk in the fresh air.
T: 1. Very good. Our next task is reading the text.

I’ll give you some new words from the text.

Raw, chilly, disgusting, dangerous, sunflower seeds

2. Робота з текстом

Діти читають про себе текст.

3. Бесіда за питаннями.

What did you like about Henry?

Did you like his way of life?

His life is interesting, isn’t it?
Робота в парах
1. Complete my sentences.

1. The best way of rest is ….

2. Healthy people are often…

3. When people are fat, they should ….

4.When people catch a cold, they ….

5.Fresh air and sport are useful for …

Ш. Заключна частина уроку:
1. Д.з. Впр5. с. 63-64 Виписати хороші і погані звички

2. Підсумок уроку.You ‘ve worked very hard today. You’ll revise the lexics on the topic. You’ve learnt to express your opinions. I am satisfied with your work and answers at the lessons. Exellent marks become …

Good marks become ….

Good – bye. Thank you for the lesson..

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