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After You Watch

4. Which of the above evidences does the speaker use in connection with the ″globalisation goods″ and which of them he uses to talk about the ″globalisation bads″? Put them into the correct column in the table below.

globalisation goods″

globalisation bads″

5. Complete the sentences then watch the video clip to check your answers.

1. FDI has grown __________________ times over the last 15 years.

2. About ______________ per cent of the world’s demand for oil is coming from China and India.

3. China’s economy is going to be the _________________ biggest economy in the world.

4. China is forecasted to be the largest trader within ____________________ years.

Answer key:

Exercise 1. 1. Students’ own answers; 2. Students’ own answers; 3. Investing overseas can help a firm protect its domestic market in three different ways. The first is to establish foreign operations in countries where the firm has major clients. The second way a firm can protect its domestic market by investing overseas is to attack the foreign market in the hopes that the foreign firm will be so focused on defending its local market that it will lessen its efforts to gain customers in the domestic firm's market. The final reason that investing overseas can strengthen a firm's domestic market has to do with costs of production. If a foreign firm can produce the same product at a lower cost than a domestic firm, and sell that product at a lower price (by exporting it) in the domestic country, then the domestic firm is at a disadvantage. One way to become more competitive is to outsource part or all of a firm's production to the "cheaper" foreign country and continue to resell the product in the domestic firm's country. 4. Ukraine encourages foreign trade and investment. The Parliament of Ukraine has approved a foreign investment law allowing Westerners to purchase businesses and property, to repatriate revenue and profits, and to receive compensation if the property is nationalised by a future government. However, complex laws and regulations, poor corporate governance, weak enforcement of contract law by courts, and corruption all continue to stymie direct large-scale foreign investment in Ukraine. While there is a functioning stock market, the lack of protection for shareholders' rights severely restricts portfolio investment activities. As of April, 2011 total foreign direct investment stock in Ukraine stood at $44.7 billion. State enterprise InvestUkraine was created under the State Agency for Investment and National Projects (National Projects) to serve as a One Stop Shop for investors and to deliver investment consulting services (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Ukraine#Foreign_direct_investment).

Exercise 2. Students’ own answers.

Exercise 3. 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14.

Exercise 4.

Globalisation goods″ (the list is incomplete)

Globalisation bads″ (the list is incomplete)

1. a huge opening of every economy in the world;

2. the world is becoming more integrated;

3. a huge expansion in foreign direct investment.

4. reduction the prices for the computers and computing.

1. a big increase in demand for resources;

2. Increased competition from low-wage areas;

3. The increase of trade things like narcotics, trafficking of people and problems about managing the flows of diseases across borders;

4. The increase of piracy and counterfeiting of products;

Exercise 5. 1) 2,5 times; 2) 45%; 3) the second; 4) 10 years.

Приклад 2. Модуль «Оподаткування»

Watching the video «Fair Tax?»

available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRB5ZRDdj40&feature=related

Before You Watch

1. Work with your partner. Assess the fairness of each tax or fee listed below. Put a tick in the box provided to indicate whether you consider each tax or fee FAIR or UNFAIR. Explain your reasoning.

1) Driver's License Fee: A fixed dollar amount varying from state to state; user fee.



2) Personal Property Tax: percentage of personal property over and above any allowable exemptions.



3) Personal Income Tax: a percentage of each person's taxable income.



4) Hunting License Fee: A fixed dollar amount for each hunter that varies from state to state. This is an example of a user fee-only those who hunt are charged the fee.



5) Estate Taxes: a percentage of an estate's value over and above any allowable exemptions.



Каталог: media -> library -> category -> statti
statti -> Велика Хартія Епохи Знань” як дорожня карта встановлення світового панування
statti -> Панчук Ірина Олегівна, магістр права, здобувач кафедри історії та теорії держави і права Національного університету «Острозька академія»
statti -> Особливості правової ідеології у перехідних суспільствах (транзитних демократіях): в контексті досвіду вітчизняного державотворення
statti -> Аналіз політико-правових аспектів громадянської правосвідомості
statti -> Системний підхід до забезпечення продовольчої безпеки
statti -> Понятійні аспекти продовольчої безпеки як складової національної безпеки України
statti -> Стратегія функціонування системи економічної безпеки підприємства
statti -> Ресурсне забезпечення продовольчої безпеки
statti -> Аналіз інноваційного розвитку промислових підприємств

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