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    1. information

    2. computer games

    3. subscriber

    4. programme

    5. newspaper

    6. television

    7. knowledge

    8. broadcasting

    9. show

      1. internet



12- disc

13- documentary

14- imagination

Look at the multimedia blackboard, here you can see the crossword with pictures. (Слайд 13)

(Presentation of the answers for the crossword with the help of the multimedia device).

Your next task is to comment these photos.

P1, P2, P3….

Your marks are… because…

    1. Заключна частина уроку

  1. Домашнє завдання. (Homework)

Вправа 7 (стор. 26). Описати події газетної статті.

T. Your task is to find and to read one article from our local newspaper "Visti Barvinkivshchyny". Write about the events it describes. You can use the learning strategies on page 24 as a plan. (Слайд 14)

  1. Підведення підсумків уроку .(Summarizing)

T. Did you enjoy our lesson today?

What new things about the mass media have you learned?

Have you changed your mind about the place of the mass media in our life? Do you think the mass media influence your life? In what ways?

(Слайд 15)

Thank you for the lesson very much!

Good-bye! Enjoy your break! (Слайд 16)

Додаток 1
Card 1

Match the following English words with their Ukrainian equivalents:

  1. mass media a) скарги

  2. periodicals b) неупередженість

  3. free distribution c) незалежний

  4. advertising d) втручання в особисте життя

  5. ethnic minorities e) засоби масової інформації

  6. libel f) періодичні видання

  7. censorship g) запобігання

  8. independent h) безкоштовне розповсюдження

  9. complaints i) реклама

  10. intrusion into privacy j) цензура

  11. impartiality k) наклеп

  12. prevention l) етнічні меншості

Додаток 2

Card 1

Read the text and put some marks on the margins with a pencil.
*Information you know

- Information that contradicts your ideas

+ New information

? Information you are interested

Mass Media in Ukraine

Ukrainian mass media, which include press, radio and television are independent, and the state guarantees their economic independence. There are more than 4.000 periodicals in Ukraine now, and new radio and TV channels, newspapers and magazines appear every year.

The role of mass media in our every day life is enormous. Where do we get most of the news? From TV or radio programmes, or from the newspapers. What forms public opinion? Mass media. So they bear great responsibility and should always give truthful information to their readers and viewers.

The main national newspapers of Ukraine are Holos Ukrainy, Pravda Ukrainy, Silski Visti. Very popular newspapers are Facty, Dzerkalo Tyzhnia and some others. They report national and international news very thoroughly.

Among the popular magazines are Berehynia, Dilovyi Visnyk, Korespondent, Liudyna i Svit. There are magazines and periodicals for many trades, professions and interests. They can say what they like about anyone and anything: the army, officials, private individuals, politics and so on. There are many local editions, too. Newspapers can be of daily or weekly publication.

Some people buy newspapers and magazines every day, others prefer to subscribe to them, and in these periodicals are delivered to their homes. Payment for a subscription to a newspaper and magazines is accepted at every post-office.

Ukrainian learners of English can find a lot of interesting information in the newspapers and magazines published in English – "Kyiv Post", "News from Ukraine", "Digest".

Додаток 2
Card 2

Complete the table "Ukrainian Press":
Ukrainian Press

National newspapers ____________

Popular newspapers _____________


newspapers ______________

Local newspapers ______________

Popular magazines ______________

Додаток 2
Card 3

Complete the sentences for oral speech, using the text:

      • The newspaper carries an article on / about…

      • The article presents the general picture of…

      • The author (reporter) provides the detailed analysis of…

      • The author describes different problems connected with…

      • The author draws our attention to / shows / tells us about…

      • In the opening Lines of the article the author tells that…

      • The article deals with…

      • The aim of the article is to discuss / to show / to comment on…

      • The keynote of the article is…

      • We can draw the conclusion that…

      • This article helps me to understand / gives me useful information about…

      • This article made me think about…

Додаток 3

Card 1

Guess the words of the crossword:
Crossword "Mass Media"


1 – Facts or details that tell you something about a situation, person, event.

2 - Games which are designed to play on computer (two words).

3 – A person who pays to have each edition delivered to his (her) house.

4 – Something that you watch on television or listen to on the radio.

5 – A publication which contains news and information.

6 – A piece of electronic equipment shaped like a box with a screen, on which you can watch programmes.

7 – The information, skills and understanding that you have gained through learning or experience.

8 – The sending out of programmes on radio and television.

9 – A programme on television or on the radio or a performance for the public, especially one that includes singing, dancing or jokes.

10 – A computer system that allows millions of computer users around the world to exchange information.

11 – Something that happens, especially something important, interesting or unusual.

12 – A flat thin round object which is used for storing information or recording music.

13 - A film or television or a radio programme that gives detailed information about a particular subject.

14 – The ability to form pictures or ideas in your mind.

Додаток 3

Card 2

Write down the guessing words into the crossword:

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