Пори року та погода

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Вільнянська загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів №1 Вільнянської районної ради Запорізької області


відкритого уроку

з англійської мови

у 5 класі на тему

«Пори року та погода»

Вчитель: Чернова М.А.

План-коспект відкритого уроку з англійської мови на тему «Пори року та погода»

Мета уроку:


  • Вчити працювати в парах;

  • Сприяти розвитку пам’яті, уваги,логічного мислення.


  • формувати мотивацію до вивчення іноземної мови;

  • рзвивать інтелектуальні вміння;


  • аналізувати вживання лексики і граматичних структур: Future Tense, придаткових пропозицій часу і умови, Present Simple, Present Continious.

  • удосконалювати навички монологічного та діалогічного мовлення.


  • виховувати розуміння краси і різноманітності навколишнього світу;

  • виховувати естетичний смак;

  • виховувати дбайливе ставлення до природи.

Тип уроку: узагальнюючий.

Обладнання: мультимедійна дошка, комп’ютер, презентація до уроку, Smart-вікторина, учнівські проекти, пісня «The weather song»


I. Оргмомент

(Слайд 1)

T: Good morning, girls and boys. I’m glad to see you again. I hope you are fine. Today we’ll have an unusual lesson. We’ll talk, recite poems, sing songs, play games. We’ll see the beautiful pictures of our nature. We’ll also speak about the seasons and the weather.

II. Повторення лексики з теми

T: But first of all we’ll revise some words and phrases to the theme “Seasons and weather”.

(Слайд 2)

T: Now look at the picture and name the weather.

Р1: It is …

P2: It is …

III. Мовленнєва зарядка

T: Let’s speak about the weather. Look out of the window and answer my questions:

  • Is the weather good or bad today?

  • Is the sun shining?

  • Are there any clouds in the sky?

  • What colour is the sky?

  • Is the wind blowing or not?

  • Is it raining / snowing?

  • What is the temperature today?

  • Do you like the weather today?

  • What kind of weather do you like?

T: Now, pupils, who can tell us about the weather today?

Розповідь учнів про погоду:

P1: It is cloudy.

P2: It is snowy…

ІV. Smart-вікторина

Т:Діти, хто хоче перевірити свої знання у Smart-вікторині?

( Вчитель по черзі викликає 2 бажаючих учнів).

(Слайд 3)

(Слайд 4)

V. Робота з теми «Пори року» (Монологічне мовлення).

T: Now we are going to speak with you about one season. Guess what season it is. This season is beautiful. Everything in the streets is white and clean. What is the season? That’s right. It is winter. Please, Kate, will you tell us about this wonderful season.

(Слайд 5)

Розповідь учня про зиму:

P1: Winter is the coldest season of the year. The rivers and lakes are frozen over. The sun sets early and rises late. The days are short and the nights are long. The sky is grey. It often snows. There is a lot of snow everywhere. The trees, the streets, the houses are white with snow. Children can ski, skate, play hockey and snowballs.

(Слайд 6 )

T: It was rather good, thank you. Now listen to the poem about winter.

Діана розповідає вірш.

The snow is falling,

The north wind is blowing.

The ground is white

All day and all night.

(Слайд 7)

T: Many people, children and adults, like winter, because it is rich in festivals. The New Year’s Day is the most favourite holiday of Ukrainian people. The British also have many holidays in winter. Diana and Dan, please, tell us about them.

Діти розповідають про зимові свята.

(Слайд 8)

P2: In winter the British have several holidays. On the first of January they celebrate the New Year’s Day. This holiday is especially popular in Scotland.

But in England the most popular holiday is Christmas. People celebrate it on the 25th of December with Christmas tree and Santa Claus. They buy presents to each other and send Christmas cards.

(Слайд 9)

Р3: One more popular holiday in winter is St. Valentine’s Day. The British celebrate it on the 14th of February. It is the day of all lovers. They send Valentines to each other. A Valentine is a greeting card or a little present in a form of a heart.

T: Well done! Thank you very much.

Now we’ll speak about one more season. It is so nice! Nature awakens after a long winter sleep. We can see new green grass and new leaves on the trees. What is this season? Certainly, it is spring. Let’s listen to the story about it.

(Слайд 10)

Артем розповідає про весну.

P4: Spring is a nice season. March, April and May are spring months. Spring begins in March and ends in May. The weather is usually fine in spring. It is warm. The trees are green. We can see the fir t flowers. The farmers begin to work in the fields. At the end of March the weather gets warmer. The sun shines brightly. The days become longer, the nights become shorter. Snow begins melting. Nature awakens after a long winter sleep. The birds return from the South.

T: Very well,Artem. Sit down, please. Now I’d like to ask Sergiy to tell you the poem about spring.

(Слайди 11-12)

Сергій розповідає вірш про весну.

It’s lovely, lovely spring

And birds begin to sing.

The sun is very high

It’s smiling in the sky.

It’s lovely, lovely spring

And all the children sing.

They sing a merry song

They sing:”Ding-dong”.

T: It is winter now. I wonder what you will do during different seasons if the weather is good or bad.

(Слайд 13)

P5: If the weather is good / bad I will …

Учні складають речення.

T: Very well, pupils. Let’s speak about one more season. It’s very beautiful. Children like this season very much, because they can spend much time outdoors. Besides they have the longest holidays in this season. What season is it? Of course, it is summer. Please, Sergiy, describe summer.

(Слайд 14)

Сергій розповідає про літо.

P6: Summer is the hottest season of the year. The sun shines brightly. The sky is blue. It is warm or sometimes hot. The days are long and the nights are short. Children are happy because they have their long summer holidays. They can play, swim in the river or go to the forest for mushrooms and berries. There are a lot of flowers in the gardens and parks.

T: Well done! Let’s listen to the poem about summer. Masha, you are welcome!

(Слайди 15-16)

Маша розповідає вірш.

This is the season

When fruit grow.

I come to the garden

And make water flow.

This is the season

When days are long.

And the sun is high

And strong.


T: Now imagine that it’s summer and you are having your summer holidays. Let’s help English children Charles and Sarah to write a postcard for their friend John.

Давайте пригадаємо, коли ми вживаємо Present Simple, а коли Present Continious?


(Слайд 17)-Листівка

VІІ.Song «The weather song»

T:Let’s have a rest and sing a song.

(Слайд 18)

Т:Now only one season left: it is autumn. Ira, will you tell us about this wonderful season?

(Слайд 19)

Іра розповідає про осінь.

P7: Autumn comes in September with the beginning of the school year. The trees and grass become yellow, red and brown. There are many fruit and vegetables in the gardens. In October the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. It becomes colder and darker and cold winds blow. It often rains. Birds fly away to warm countries.

T: Well done, Ira . And now Melaniya will recite a poem.

(Слайд 20)

Меланія розповідає вірш.

Yellow, red, green and brown –

See the leaves come down …

Dancing, dancing in the breeze.

Falling, falling from the trees …

T: Good, thank you, Melaniya.

Girls and boys! Imagine yourselves in a garden in autumn. There are many fruit and vegetables here. I’ll ask you riddles about different fruit and vegetables. Let’s start!

VІІІ. Загадки(Riddles)

(Слайди 21-25)

1. This vegetable is long and green.

It’s so tasty with sour cream. (А cucumber)

2. My head is green and round.

I always grow on the ground.

I always wear lots of coats,

I’m the best food for goats. (А cabbage)

3. Look at me! My chicks are red.

Make some salad and eat with bread.

I’m juicy, I’m sweet.

Would you like to taste a bit? (А tomato)

4. You can see it on the tree.

Pick up it for you and me.

Make some jam or cook some pies.

This fruit is always sweet and nice. (Аn apple)

5. You can’t cook soup without it.

This vegetable isn’t sweet.

But for chips it is so good.

I think you like this tasty food. (А potato)

ІХ. Захист проектів «My favourite season»

T:For today you have prepared your projects «My favourite season».

Who wants to tell us about it ?

  • Winter

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Autumn

(Слайд 26)

(Слайд 26)

T: From space our blue planet looks beautiful.

(Говорять, що з космосу наша блакитна планета виглядає чарівною.)

It is so small that it is possible to take it in the palms.

(Вона здається такою маленькою, що уміститься в долонях.)

We’ve seen that our nature is beautiful in all seasons.

(Сьогодні ми ще раз переконались, що наша природа прекрасна у будь-яку пору року.)

We must take care of our nature and our planet.

(Ми повинні піклуватися про природу, щоб життя на нашій планеті продовжувалось.)

Id like you to remember the words of well-known American writer John Galsworthy. «If you don’t think about the future, you won’t have it».

(Хотілося б, щоб ви запам’ятали слова американського письменника Голсуорсі - «Якщо ви не думатимемо про майбутнє, то воно не настане»)

Let me paraphrase them.

(Давайте їх трохи перефразуємо)

«If you don’t think about our planet, you won’t have it».

(Якщо ми не піклуватимемось про свою планету, то втратимо її.)

Everything is in our hands!

(Усе в наших руках!)

Х. Smart-гра 3

T: Now we have some free time. Let’s play a game.

(Слайд 27)

ХІ. Кінець уроку

T: Our lesson has come to an end. That’s all for today. Thank you very much for your good work! See you tomorrow! For today your marks are…

ХІІ. Домашнє завдання

T: Your hometask for next time is to tell about seasons and weather in Great Britain and Ukraine.

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