Робоча програма англійська мова (за проф спрямуванням)

Memorize the meaning of the following term-elements

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Memorize the meaning of the following term-elements.

сardi(o)- of Greek origin meaning heart

аngi(o)- of Greek origin meaning vessel

vas(o)- of Latin origin meaning vessel

Read the definition and fill in the blanks with the words given in brackets. Consult the glossary.

  1. Pain in the heart – … .

  2. Plasmatic contraction of blood vessels – … .

  3. Narrowing of vessels – … .

  4. The scientific study about movements and forces concerning the heart activity.

  5. Ossification or calcification of blood vessels – … .

  6. An instrument for measuring the heart size – … .

  7. A thing that influences upon the diameter of the blood vessels – … .

  8. Necrosis of the walls of blood vessels – … .

  9. The scientific study about heart and blood vessels – … .

  10. Removal of vessels and nerves – … .

(Angiosteosis, angioneurectomy, angiospasm, angionecrosis, vasoactive, vasoconstriction, cardioangiology, cardiodynamics, cardialgia, cardiometer.)

  • робота з текстом (читання, переклад, відповіді на запитання, складання плану, резюме, переказ, граматичний аналіз тощо)

Say whether the following statements are true or false. Correct the false statements to make them true.

  1. Leukemia usually affects red blood cells.

  2. Exposure to radiation never causes leukemia.

  3. People with Down's syndrome are more likely to develop leukemia.

  4. Leukemic cells cannot invade lymph nodes.

  5. There are four types of leukemia.

  6. Common blood tests can confirm the diagnosis of leukemia.

  7. All types of leukemia are completely curable.

  8. Leukemia never produces any symptoms at all.

Translate the following sentences into English.

  1. Лейкемія – рак клітин крові, а саме лейкоцитів.

  2. Вчені точно не знають, що є причиною більшості видів лейкемії.

  3. У людей із синдромом Дауна та іншими генетичними розладами лейкемія трапляється частіше.

  4. Науці відомо чотири основні типи лейкемії: гостра, хронічна, лімфоцитна і мієлоїдна.

  5. Гостра лейкемія прогресує набагато швидше, ніж хронічна лейкемія.

  6. Продромальними симптомами лейкемії є слабкість, втома, задишка, гарячка, кровотеча та ін.

  7. Колись люди із гострою лейкемією дуже швидко помирали через те, що науковці ще не винайшли ефективних ліків проти лейкемії.

  8. На сьогоднішній день існує результативна система лікування пацієнтів, що страждають на лейкемію.

  • розвиток усного мовлення (доповідь на задану тему, діалогічне мовлення тощо)

Read and dramatize the following dialogue.

Patient: I feel very weak and dizzy. I suffer from severe itching, skin blotches and hives. Sometimes my airways to the lungs tighten and breathing becomes difficult.

Doctor: When did the symptoms begin?

Patient: About three weeks ago.

Doctor: Since the end of May. Am I right?

Patient: Yes, you are.

Doctor: Have you used any new creams, lotions, or soaps lately?

Patient: Yes, I was presented a new shower gel a month ago, but I haven't been using it for many days, since the beginning of symptoms, if to be precise.

Doctor: Have you recently tasted any original food or seasonal fruit?

Patient: I eat strawberries and sweet cherries almost every day, but I feel well even after eating a kilo of berries and vise a verse. So, I can't say that my physical condition depends on food consumption.

Doctor: Do the symptoms depend on the part of the day?

Patient: You know, sometimes I feel worse in the afternoon, but it is not really the practice.

Doctor: Do you feel better in the open air or inside the house?

Patient: I feel great deal better being at home.

Doctor: What about weather? Does it have any influence on your state of health?

Patient: The itching, skin blotches and hives appear much more frequently in sunny weather. Moreover, I have never had any breathing problems when the weather is cloudy or rainy.

Doctor: Are there any signs on the skin now?

Patient: There are, I suppose. At least they were while I was going to the polyclinic. I also felt severe itching at that time, but it disappeared some minutes ago, while I was waiting in the queue.

Doctor: Please, strip to the waist, I must examine you.

Patient: Tell me, doctor, is it very serious?

Doctor: It will be serious if you don't follow my instructions. I am almost sure you suffer from physical allergy, namely photosensitivity that is strong reaction to sunlight. The best way to deal with any physical allergy is to prevent it by avoiding whatever tends to cause it.

Patient: But how can I avoid sunlight? It's not an easy task. I can't be staying at home all summer through.

Doctor: It's not as difficult as you might think. You should just use sunscreens and minimize sun exposure. You also ought to stop using cosmetics and skin creams, lotions, and oils for a while to see if one of these substances is aggravating the allergy. An antihistamine such as hydroxyzine can usually relive itching and other symptoms.

Patient: Thank you ever so much, doctor.


Open the brackets using the verbs in appropriate tense and voice.

  1. As you (to grow) … older, small bones (to join) … together to make big ones.

  2. We (to learn) … the skeletal structure in Anatomy.

  3. Last Monday the teacher (to tell) … us about the structure of the skull.

  4. Next week we (to have) … a practical lesson dealing with the functions of the skeletal system.

  5. … the lecturer (to explain) … the structure of the chest yesterday?

  6. Last week we (to write) … a test paper about the bones structure.

  7. .. the doctor (to examine) … this patient with broken bones tomorrow?

  8. The student (not to answer) … the teacher’s questions how to strengthen the skeleton yesterday.

  9. … the shoulder girdle (to connect) … the upper extremity with the trunk?

  10. If I (to learn) … the structure of the skeleton and the formation of bones well, I (to get) … an excellent mark in Anatomy lesson next week.

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