Світ засобів масової інформації

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Урок № 21 23 11 2011р.

Тема: Світ засобів масової інформації

Мета: - узагальнити знання учнів з теми ‘ Засоби масової інформації”, формувати критичне мислення та вміння робити самостійні судження;

  • розвивати уяву, здогадку, логічне мислення учнів; розвивати комунікативні компетенції, вміння учнів співпрацювати в групах, навички роботи над проектами;

  • виховувати інтерес до засобів масової інформації;

Тип уроку: узагальнення набутих знань.

Форма проведення: захист проектів.

Обладнання: робочі зошити, комп’ютер, виставка газет

Хід уроку

I Організаційний момент

  1. Greeting

T: - Good morning, everybody! Good morning, pupils! I am glad to see you. How are you? Please, take your seats.

P: - T.V. I see, we have some guests at our today’s lesson. May I greet them from all our class?

T: - You have to greet them, sure.

P: - Dear guests, we, the ninthformers glad to meet you here at our English lesson. We hope, you’ll enjoy it won’t waste of time. So, have a good time!

T: - Thanks, Dima. Before we start our lesson I want to remind you that today we have unusual lesson with our Ukrainian teacher and local school journalist.

  1. Motivation

T: - Pupils, do you want to be well-educated people, to study at the famous Ukrainian universities or maybe even abroad? Do you want to get good, well-paid job? In order to be successful you must be able to find necessary information from different Mass Media sources.

  1. Introduction of the theme

T: - The theme of our today’s lesson is The world of Mass Media. We’ll spend the next 45 minutes speaking about Media and it’s role in our life. We’ll also see different projects and disscuss them.

II Main part

T: - Let’s start with the definitions. What kinds of Mass Media do you know?

Internet Magazines Newspapers Television Radio


T: - Continue to work with the definitions. Now you’ll here 3 pieces of songs in which different types of Media are mentioned. You have to name them.

1 Newspapers 2 television 3 Radio

T: - Well, and now I ask you to give your own definitions to these words.

P1: - Television is a way of broadcasting pictures and sounds in the form of programs that people can watch

P2: - Radio is a kind of Mass Media we can hear.

P3: - Newspaper is a printed kind of Media.

Українська мова. Словник: Інтерв’ю – An interview

Нарис – An essay

Повідомлення – A report

Промова – Speech

Репортаж – A reportage

Стаття – An article

T: - That’s good. And now it’s time for the next part of our lesson. And what is it you have to guess. Your task is to solve a crossword you have on your desks. And a key- word will be a name of our next part of the lesson.

  1. The newspapers and magazines by one word. Periodicals

  2. The man who does an interview. Reporter

  3. BBC is a British …. Corporation. Broadcast

  4. The man who gathers material for the article or a program. Journalist

  5. The thing we can hear . Headphones

  6. The group of people presented at the show. Audience

  7. …. Is a kind of printed Mass Media. Tabloid

T: - Well, we have repeated some words from our theme and guessed the key- word. What is it? So, it’s time for your projects. You had a hometask to make projects in 3 groups of some kinds of Mass Media. Who will be the first?

P1: - We have chosen a television. How do people usually answer the question like “ What are your plans for tonight?” or “ What are you doing at the weekend?” In other words, how do people spend their free time. Some twenty or thirty years ago the answers used to be: “ We are going to the cinema” or “ we are having some friends around”. Now you quite often hear: “ We are going to stay at home and watch the telly”. Practically all households in Ukraine, G.B. the USA and other countries have TV sets . Modern television offers the viewers different programs. They are: слайди. A good serial can keep the whole family in front of the telly and don’t we spend hours watching our fafavourite football? News keep people informed about current events. So, we prepared a news program for you as a project of our school television.

Проект “Новини”

T: - The other groups, do you have some questions or statements?

P2: - There is much advertisement on TV.

P1: - Advertisement brings a lot of money for the development of TV.

P2: - There are so many TV channels that sometimes is very difficult to choose a program you like the most.

P1: - Some people watch all TV programs, others should decide what they want to watch.

P3: - Television prevents people from communicating with each other.

P1: - Of course, no, you can watch an interesting film with the family or a live match with your friends and some chips. Isn’t it a communication?

P2: - There are so many not very good programs on TV.

P1: - But we have a chance to make our TV better.

T: - OK, we understood all your reasons and now it’s high time for the second project.

P2: - One more kind of Media is Radio. ( слайди). Several years ago radio was very primitive, but nowadays we, teenagers can say that we are interested in radio.There are different radio programs for people all ages and tastes. For us radio is the easiest way to listen to music or the latest news, doing something else. With the help of headphones you can to know the last events just to push the button on your phone. So, our group decided to make a project for teenagers: an entertainment radio program “ It’s interesting to know”. ( презентація проекту )

T: - Are there any statements for this group?

P1: - You can’t watch a picture on the radio if you are interested in some information.

P2: - But sometimes you don’t have time even to watch TV.

P3:- I think, radio is old-fashioned device in the modern world.

P2: - Modern civilization is impossible without satellite or Web-technologies as well as without radio and TV.

P1: - We think that modern radio is not so interesting as modern television.

P2: - You are wrong. In our opinion, television makes us passive viewers and radio gives us opportunity to call in ether to order some music or just to communicate and get good emotions for all the day.

T: - Good job. And now the turn is for the third group.

( проект шкільної газети )

T: - So, dear pupils, we have listened your projects about some kinds of Media. What is your opinion of it? Has it changed after this lesson? I propose you to come to fill in the table on the board. You have 3 sticks each, so come to the board and point your opinion.




The most


The most


The most


T: - So, from this table we can see an obvious conclusion. Who wants to sound it for all of us

P: - ( sounds the results )

T: - OK, you think that newspapers is the least interesting kind of Mass Media., and now you have a great chance to change it. You have 5 minutes to write a short interesting paragraphs about today’s lesson and read them . And our journalist will type them in our next newspaper issue.

( Учні читають замітки, а журналіст друкує щоденник семінару )

III. Conclusions.

T: - We’re working well today but our lesson going to the end. So, what can you say about it?

T: - You were good at this lesson and your marks are…Your hometask will be to type the paragraphs you have just written in the form of a leaflet. The lesson is over, good bye and have a nice day.
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