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Group 4:

Students of our group prepared advertisement about children’s ground in our village.

These are members of our group.

I am – Oleksandr Velychko. I am a speaker.

Mariya Kamets is an artist.

Dina Kopylets’ is a photographer.

Pavlo Dmytruk is an artist.

Vasyl Velychko is a photographer.

Sasha: All children of our village and our parents dream about children’s ground – imaginary entertainment centre in the village. We should like ti rest, to play and have merry time there.

Let’s imagine about such children’s ground with different side-shows in our village. And this is our ad.

Welcome to the opening of the children’s ground!

It is situated in the centre of our village. There are many side-shows. For example: american hills, cars, trains, oxeye daisy. There are side – shows and for adults too. There is a shop near the children’s ground. You can buy there different things: toys, products, souvenirs and gifts. The children’s ground was built with the help of local businessmen with the permission of our region power .

On the 10th of April at 14 o’clock will be the official opening the children’s ground.

Welcome to the holiday!

T: Give your self-appraisal.

( students give their self-appraisal)

T: Thank you. And now you are going to fill in Evaluation Cards to mark the presentations.

T: We have guests at our lesson. We want to hear your opinion about students’ projects.

( a guest tells her thoughts)



If the title is suitable

If you agree with the


If the presentation is good

Aesthetical design of project


Guest thoughts









T: Thank you for sharing your thoughts . I’ll sum up your results, we’ll see which group is the best.

( teacher sums up)

T: The best group is ……………….. . My best congratulations. I want to say that our village will be very beautiful in future. We’ll can do all shopping in Rudnyky . We’ll not go our shopping in Kolky and in Luts’k. Our villagers can treat their teeth in Rudnyky. In a few years we’ll have all convenience in the village. If your dream come true, I’ll be very happy. And now we have a talk in Ukrainian:

  • Чого ви навчилися під час проектних дій? Що вам дала участь у виконанні проекту ?

  • Які вміння і навички ви здобули ?

  • Як працювалося в групах ? Що дала вам робота в групах ?

  • Що вдалося найкраще ? Чому ?

  • Що можна зробити було б інакше ?

  • T:Presentation lessons are your favourite lessons. I see you are interested in these lessons. And knowledge of some pupils became better. I mean Oksana Onopriayk,

  • Mary Kamets’.

  • T: I am satisfied with your work at the lesson today. Your projects were great.

  • You were active and hard-working. Of course ,your mark s are excellent today, only 7- 12 points.

  • Home assignment : Topic “ Our village in the future”.

  • T: Our presentation is over. Have a good day!

  • Literature :

  1. Magazine “ English language and literature” № 25, 2010;p. 13.

  2. Magazine “English language and literature “ № 36б 2010; p.2.

  3. Lyudmyla Byrkun “ Our English”, the 7th form.

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