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TASK 24. Something unpleasant happened to each of these people last week. Make up sentences using ‘have something done’. Follow the example

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TASK 24. Something unpleasant happened to each of these people last week. Make up sentences using ‘have something done’. Follow the example.

Example: Mark (his bike/steal) from outside the grocer's. = Mark had his bike stolen from outside the grocer’s

  1. Little Jenny (her hair / to pull) at school.

  2. My uncle (his garage / to break into) by car thieves.

  3. Teresa (her new vanity bag / to steal) in a restaurant.

  4. Steve (his downstairs window / to smash) by a falling tree.

  5. Mrs. Green (her kitchen window / to break) by the next door boy.

  6. Lisa (her dress / to tear) by a nail.

  7. The fisherman (the line / to tangle) by a huge fish.

  8. Dorothy (her house / to carry away) by the hurricane.

  9. Mr. Philips (his beautiful flowers / to stamp) by some vandals.

  10. A lot of people in this village (their houses / to flood) by tsunami.

TASK 25. Answer the questions below. Decide which of these things you can do yourself and which you must ask someone to do for you. Add one more sentence to show who will do it. Follow the example.

Example. What do you do if your hair needs cutting? – I have it cut at the hairdresser’s.

What do you do if your car is dirty? – I wash it myself.

Suggested answers

  1. What do you do if your shoes need mending?

  2. What do you do if the wallpaper in your room needs changing?

  3. What do you do if your vacuum cleaner needs repairing?

  4. What do you do if the books on your bookshelves need dusting?

  5. What do you do if your watch goes wrong?

  6. What do you do if your father’s car needs servicing?

  7. What do you do if the grass on your lawn wants cutting?

  8. What do you do if the carpet in your sitting room is dirty?

  9. What do you do if you have a roll with the film you took yesterday?

  10. What do you do if your mum’s hair wants dyeing?

  11. What do you do if you think your dress is too long?

  12. What do you do if something is wrong with your computer?

  13. What do you do if the flowers on your window-sill are dying?

TASK 26. Study the situations below and answer the questions using ‘to have something done’. Follow the example.

Example. Tony is going to the dentist's for a check-up tomor­row. What's he going to do? –

He is going to have his teeth checked.

  1. Their house is very cold. Installing central heating would help. What should they do?

  2. James has written some songs and they're going to be recorded. What is he going to do?

  3. Sarah is at the hairdresser's. The hairdresser is cutting her hair. What is Sarah doing?

  4. The baker has made a special cake for Joan. What has Joan done?

  5. Their windows are very dirty. What should they have done?

  6. Claire's shoes are made by hand especially for her. What does Claire do?

  7. Sam has paid the plumber for repairing his washing machine. What has he done?

  8. Simon's arm was X-rayed yesterday. What hap­pened at the hospital?

  9. John's suit is dirty. It has to be dry-cleaned. What should he do?

  10. All Linda's clothes are made specially for her. What does she do?

  11. They arranged for their house to be painted last week. Now it has been done. What have they done?

  12. Malcolm's car was broken into last night. What happened to him?

  13. A printer has printed party invitations for Emma. What has Emma done?

  14. Diana is at the hairdresser's. The hairdresser is cutting her hair. What is Diana doing?

  15. Robert is taking his car to the garage for a service tomorrow. What's he going to do?

  16. Their roof has a hole in it. What should they do?

  17. Tracey's bicycle has got a puncture. What should she do?

TASK 27. Paraphrase the sentences below using have something done’.

  1. The money was deposited in his bank account by the company. = He had the money deposited in his bank account.

  2. Sarah's new fridge will be delivered tomorrow.

  3. Tim's car was serviced last week.

  4. Mrs. Scott's cat was examined by the vet yesterday.

  5. Paul's house will be painted next weekend.

  6. Mr. Brown's book has just been published.

  7. Becky's hair is done every week.

  8. Edward's dinner was cooked by his mother yesterday.

  9. Jane's living room is going to be redecorated next month.

  10. My eyes are tested by the optician.

  11. Jack’s fence is being painted by his helping neighbour.

  12. Paul’s tooth was being filled by his dentist when there was an electricity cut-off.

  13. The trees in Tim’s garden were pruned by a professional gardener.

  14. Jane never paints her nails herself. She goes to the local hairdresser’s.

  15. The baby’s temperature was taken by the nurse.

  16. His teeth are checked twice a year.

  17. Her skirt is being cleaned at the moment.

  18. My hair is trimmed once a month.

  19. Central heating is going to be installed in our house next month.

  20. Sam's burglar alarm was fitted last week.

  21. My car is being repaired at the moment.

  22. The band's new single has just been recorded.

  23. Our new furniture is going to be delivered tomorrow.

  24. Their new house is being decorated at the moment.

  25. The windows in our house will be cleaned in two days.

  26. A new jumper has been knitted for me by my granny.

  27. The lock in our front door has to be fixed.

  28. A new pair of glasses is going to be made for him.

TASK 28. Using the prompts given, com­plete the situations, as in the example.

Situation 1. Barbara is talking to Annette about her house. What suggestions does Annette make to Barbara?

Example. Barbara: My carpet doesn't match the walls.

Annette: (the walls / to paint) - You could have the walls painted.

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